• Do you know who your top 10 customers or clients are? QuickBooks can simply show you where your revenue is coming from. This is important for the owner of a business since the information can be used often.

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    � By sharing this report together with your employees, you can communicate who your top company is and make sure your staff adds exceptional VIP service.

    � What about recognizing a top client by sending them your own, handwritten note with something worthwhile?

    � Knowing the percentage of income links from any one client may be crucial. For example, in the event you lost that client, unpleasant, would you be able to sustain your revenue? Double check what percentage your top customer includes!

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    To create this report, click Reports on the top menu bar. Then click Sales and then Sales by Customer Summary. Customize the report by hitting % of column after which sort by total. It's my job to will hit the collapse button to condense the report to make it easier to read. This report will allow you to see the percentage each customer is bringing in and also able to easily know the top 10 clients. Create this report in your file and get excited about how you will use the information to boost your business!

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